Inconsistent API

Hello, We are attempting to call the Comcast UAT APIs, but we are finding some inconsistencies in the performance. Attached is an excel sheet with all of the endpoints we have access to according to the subscription in the Condeco developer portal. The end points that will not be needed due to our projected Room booking designs have been deemed Out of scope or not needed. For the 401 errors we did try to regenerate the Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key, but that did not fix the issue. We would like to have a troubleshooting session in order to seem some examples of the APIs being called and show how we are calling them. We attempted to call them using the required parameters, but the documentation is contradicting as to which are required and which are optional. If any other information is needed please let me know. The following is an email from John Hilderbrands, advising us to make a ticket in order to have a troubleshooting session. From: John Hilderbrands Date: Wednesday, May 20, 2020 at 9:25 AM To: "Hamilton, Michael William (Contractor)", "Rosenstock, Brian", Alex Cundy Cc: "Checo, Blanco", "DiMarco, Peter" Subject: RE: [EXTERNAL] RE: Condeco API Testing Hello Mike, Yes that will be great but we do want the dedicated integrations ops team on the call. The API experts are a sub team in our support called integration ops and the ticket or tickets will go to them and they can do a session to make sure issues are resolved. Looking at the issues I think there is some OPIM token usage that is from different bundles and maybe some formatting issues as our docs are imperfect they have better documents they can share also which should help. Thanks


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